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Solar Pro Flood Light -Home Series
Home Series Flood Light is a newly upgraded product designed for solar lightening, which is widely used in squares, roads, yards, fields, ships, farms, billboards etc. Its advantages including no wiring, no electricity spend and long time standby with lithium battery give itself a high popularity from the market since launching.   Its unique design and high quality achieve its leading position in the market.
The most beautiful Road Light,
Shorten Distance from Home
Solar Road Light


New Design Road Light Series

Solar Pro designed different types solar road lights such as Seperated, All in One, Solar and Wind combination to provide choices for all kinds of scenarios, which meet needs in all respects. According to 15 years life-span to design and produce, aim at providing after-sales assurance for our customers.

SOLAR PRO is devoting to offer On-grid and Off-grid PV power generation, and Distributed Intergration power storage solutions.

Solar Pro
On and Off-grid System
Solar Pro on-grid, off-grid, distributed intergration photovoltaic power generation systems provide best energy solutions for customers worldwide in a 3-5 years invest return period, which is the best choice both for commercial investment and home use purpose.
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